2012 Remastered Digital Edition

Mythos combines layers of guitar with Michael Masley's otherworldly bowhammer cymbalom, and Bob Stohl and Kat Epple's woodwinds, synths, and light percussion

Barry Cleveland, Kat Epple, Bob Stohl, Michael Masley (1984)

Chosen as one of
The 25 Best New Age Compact Discs
(Alongside such other “new age” albums as Dark Side of the Moon, Autobahn, and Dig It)
- Stereo Review 1987 Compact Disc Buyer's Guide -

“Unlike many electronic/space music recordings, the focal instruments here are guitars, not synthesizers. Cleveland gets a remarkable variety of sounds out of them, too. He avoids the extremes of ambient innocuousness as well as anarchic harshness, and leaves one looking forward to his next work.”
- Option -

“Cleveland himself does everything but play the guitar straight; he uses Ebow, violin bows, Thumbo, and the cymbalom's Bowhammer to elicit long droning chords from his instrument. Side two is a 19-minute Frippertronics loop, with flutes, bells, and cymbalom floating in and out. Very empyrean.
- Electronic Musician -

“The five hypnotic songs on Mythos engender a dreamy tranquility, yet remain interesting enough to hold your attention. Obscure ethnic instruments ground the guitar/synthesizer songs with an ancient earthiness.” Performance: 8 | Sound: 10
- CD Review -

“Features free-floating contexts that are strong without being overbearing and beautiful without being cloying. The drones, spiraling arabesques, and eerie, electronic colorings in Mythos leave plenty of room for listeners to transcend themselves.”
- Jazziz -

This 2012 digital edition of Mythos makes the entire album available for the first time since the original 1986 Audion Recording Company release.

The artists signed to Audion were selected by Larry "Synergy" Fast (Peter Gabriel) and among them were Anthony Phillips, Wendy Carlos, Roger Powell, Laraaji, Wavestar, Emerald Web, and Synergy. The label was dissolved when the parent company, JEM, failed due to financial shenanigans.

“We were inundated with material during the early days of the Audion label and a few of the submissions stuck out as being a cut above the rest and Barry’s was certainly one of them,” said Larry Fast, a pioneering musician that helped shape the evolution of synthesizers in modern music. “What he was writing wasn’t the same kind of repetitive, formulaic thing that a lot of the electronic acts were submitting as demos. Barry’s music was creative and unpredictable. He offered a storyline and it was one that was significantly better than your average mystery novel in which you can figure it out by page three. With Barry’s writing, you couldn’t necessarily determine where it would go next, but it always went somewhere interesting without being jarring. Barry’s music also had a wonderful soundstage and soundscape. There was a certain clarity to it. It was clear he knew what he was doing with his writing and recording. It made for a very nice package. He’s a very talented guy.” - Larry Fast (from Fiery Forays by Anil Prasad, Innerviews)

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